Our History

In 1956, Ross Stevens, G. Alden Macdonald and Almon Page, Jr. left the prominent Portland, Maine, firm of Baker & Adam to establish Stevens, Macdonald & Page in the newly renovated "Baxter Building" on the corner of Oak and Congress streets. They opened with less than a dozen employees and a commitment to outstanding service and enduring client relationships.

Over the years, through mergers, acquisitions, name changes, and an expanding menu of integrated professional services, Macpage employees, now numbering over 100, have stayed true to the founders’ commitment. 


1956 - Stevens, Macdonald & Page opens at 562 Congress St, Portland, ME
1963 - Merger with Richard F. Garland & Co and Millett, Rittenhouse & Dresser
1964 - Purchase of Harold Jones' practice; office opens 280 State St, Augusta, ME
  - Office moves to 287 Water Street (Depositors Trust Bank building)
1965 - Name changes to Macdonald, Page, Stratford & Strout
1973 - Augusta office closes
1975 - Name changes to Macdonald, Page & Co., LLC
1989 - Augusta office re-opens at 287 Water Street
1991 - Portland office moves to 30 Long Creek Drive, South Portland, ME
2000 - Merger with Schatz & Fletcher Associates, LLC
  - Augusta office moves to 227 Water Street
2007 - Launch of Information Assurance Services
2012 - Name changes to Macpage LLC
  - Augusta office moves to One Market Square
  - Partner with New England Credit Union Services to serve MA, NH and RI
  - Purchase of New England Credit Union Information Assurance Services
  - Launch of Client Accounting Services
 2013 - Merger with Booth, Inc.
  - Implementation of Macpage Fine Art Shows