Nonprofit Organizations

Macpage LLC is well-suited to serving nonprofit clients based on our track record of putting relationships at the fore and adapting to individual needs to help sustain and improve organizational financial quality as well as help organizations look, think and move ahead.

Our dedicated and experienced professionals go above and beyond in their efforts to address complex issues and make a difference.



  • Audit, review and compilation
  • Compliance audits for federal and state assistance
  • Contract and document preparation
  • Cost report preparation
  • Design of budgeting and management reporting systems
  • Development of indirect cost rates
  • Employee benefit plan analysis
  • Employee benefit plan audits
  • Financial report preparation
  • Identification and analysis of unrelated business income
  • Income tax return preparation
  • Internal control systems review
  • IRS representation
  • Maine Uniform Audit and Accounting Practices (MAAP) report preparation
  • Single audits

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Nonprofit News Articles

Important Changes to Unrelated Business Income Tax

January 17, 2018

Like many industries, nonprofit organizations will be affected by the ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’. Nonprofits should expect to see changes to their tax filing requirements for the year 2018. Click here to read a brief overview of the changes that may affect your organization.

If your tax-exempt organization has any unrelated business activity, it is important that you review the important changes signed into law on December 22nd to understand the impact on your organization. New...
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Five Tips for Dynamic Strategic Planning

Is your not-for-profit the same organization it was three years ago? Are your stakeholders the same now as then? Is your community and its support of your not-for-profit the same? It's been said that...
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The Audit Dance: A Well-Choreographed Routine

Think of your not-for-profit organization and its external auditor as dance partners performing a well-choreographed routine. To execute the dance properly, each dancer must complete specific moves and...
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