Art & Accounting at Macpage

November 25, 2015

Art & Accounting

By Danielle Gerber, BFA, Macpage Marketing Coordinator

 Travel Home & Abroad lobby featuring Michael Walek's work

Travel Home & Abroad Lobby featuring Michael Walek's work

You may not normally associate art with accountants, but Macpage LLC, is working on changing that dynamic. You won't see generic stock art when visiting our office in South Portland, Maine. We are not your typical firm and the usual decor just doesn't fit our personality. When you walk through the doors of Macpage you are greeted by walls of unique, rotating work, produced by artists from across Maine. These exhibitions, cycling every 6 months, feature many accomplished local artists.         

In late 2012, an employee Tom O'Donnell and his wife, Judy, a local sculptor, returned to the office to discover their car was dead. During a pleasant couple of hours waiting in the office lobby, they started discussing the décor. They wondered, with so many great artists around and very few venues for showing art, why anything less than outstanding artwork was on display at the office. This sparked the inaugural exhibition, Landscapes, which has expanded into a rotating exhibition schedule, featuring prominent Maine artists.

The current exhibition, Travel: Home & Abroad, marks the 8th art exhibit in the South Portland office. This exhibition was inspired by the European travels of artists Michael Walek and Todd Bezold, York, Maine locals; and features many other local artists' depictions of travel throughout the world. Michael and Todd's primary focus when traveling Egypt, Portugal and Italy is painting. They draw inspiration from the landscape, local art and archaeological museums.  Working often in obscure locations, with gouache and oils, they select subjects with strong physical and atmospheric compositions. Todd explains their process, "Sitting for a long period of time in one place gives you sense of belonging and fosters strong memories. We have fostered many friendships through painting."

While walking through the halls of Macpage, you are surrounded by interesting artwork, creating a personal feel that you won't often find in the average accountants office. Not only do these exhibits provide the office space with fresh and interesting artwork that epitomizes the styles and breadth of Maine creativity, but also serve as a means to introduce employees, partners and clientele to art in a non-intimidating, casual environment. This endeavor has blossomed into a greater appreciation of art in the employees at Macpage and those who visit. A lot can be said about the introduction of art and creative thinking into a corporate environment. It creates a catalyst for independent and innovative thinking, which is of great value to any organization.

As beneficial as the art is to Macpage, the artists gain from the opportunity as well. These exhibitions provide a venue for emerging and established Maine artists to showcase their work. Many works have been sold, and all proceeds go to the artists. In addition, the firm usually buys pieces to add to their permanent collection, and purchases an additional work to be donated to nonprofit charities. Overall, the situation benefits all involved. To schedule a tour of the current Macpage exhibit, please email Ralph Hendrix at

View the exhibitions online here.