Farnsworth Art Museum

Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, ME"I have been involved with several Maine nonprofits over the past 19 years, and for 18 of those, I’ve worked with Macpage.

There was one transition year where my new organization was using someone else, but I changed to Macpage because I knew we would get quality service. That is my statement of confidence in them.

For our 2012 audit, we had a brand new finance director, and Macpage was wonderful, patient and very helpful in making sure we had continuity in our general ledger system and our numbers. They did a grand job helping us pull it together on time and on deadline.

As a former chairman of the board of the Maine Association of Nonprofits, I’ve served with Macpage over the years, and am particularly impressed with their continuous support of nonprofits in this state.”

– Chris F. Amann, Chief Financial Officer, Farnsworth Art Museum